One Goal One Win: Women’s Soccer Down’s ‘Canes

With both teams coming off of ties from their last games, the Wolfpack and Hurricanes were on a mission for a W. Only one goal was scored during the whole game, but that was the goal that made the difference for the Wolfpack.

NC State kicked off beginning of first half with a quick goal from #8 Kia Rankin at 43:39; assist from #11 Michaella van Maanen. The ball came off the foot of a Miami player and into the left corner of the net. This would be the only goal scored for the Wolfpack, but it would turn out to be the only goal they needed.

Many shots were taken on goal by both the Hurricanes and the Wolfpack, but neither team could put it in the back of the net. NC State’s keeper, #12 Sydney Wootten made several spectacular saves for the pack. Nothing was going to get past her. Miami’s keeper also made some great saves, but there were more close calls on her half of the field. This was mainly due to the many shots from NC State’s #2 Tziarra King. King played aggressively the whole game and never stop pursuing the goal. She almost scored multiple times, but she was either knocked down or the ball would get deflected.

A total of 14 fouls were called tonight. This is a number which shows the grit and determination both the Hurricanes and the Wolfpack displayed during this game. When the time starting to trickle down, Miami was definitely feeling the pressure. They were making faster passes and they also made a few more mistakes. The only offsides call the whole game was called on Miami with 12:40 left in the game.

5:32 was the moment where the pack would get a little scare with a Miami shot just right of the goal that then resulted in a corner. Right after this scare there another close call going toward the upper 90s of the right side; luckily for the Pack it was too high. With the intensity as high as ever, a foul was called on NC State at half field. The kick made it into the box, but was punched out by nc state’s keeper. This would be the last of the worries for the Wolfpack as the game came to a close. The Wolfpack is now 10-4-3 overall. Senior Day is the next game for the Pack, and this will take place on Sunday, October 21 at 1pm at the Dail Soccer Complex.