LAX Alumni Show the Newbies How it’s Done

NC-State’s men’s lacrosse team takes a 13-8 lost against alumni. The alumni roster ranging from the class of 1975, all the way to 2017. Yes, you read that right, 1975!

State’s starting lineup for defense being Travis Hinshaw, Parker Staton, Sutton Scoggins, Anthony DeLucia. On midfield, we have Connor Boyle and two non-rostered freshmen. Offense startup with Jake Walls, Carter Rucker, and another non-rostered freshman. In the first quarter, Alumni class of 1975, Robey, won the first face off of the game. From there, State would go on to score the first goal. Jake walls assisted by Christopher Schulz. The alumni went on to win all 6 face offs and score four goals. State receiving two flags during the quarter- a slash on Anthony DeLucia and an illegal procedure on the fourth face off.

Alumni again winning the face off at the start of the 2nd quarter. Going on to score 2 more goals. State with another illegal procedure and false start on the line, giving up two face offs to the alumni. State scoring two goals. One by Jake Walls and the other by Adam Wagner.

Going into the third quarter, alumni with another face off win. Completed by class of 1975, Robey. Adam Wagner from state scoring right off the bat. Followed by Carter Rucker with an assist by Jake Walls. Alumni making another goal after State was called on a hold. States goes on to score again by Christopher Schulz. With seconds remaining in the quarter, the alumni goalie clears the ball deep down field. It is assisted to an open pass and a clear shot straight into the net right as time went out.

Fourth quarter has state winning the initial face off. State scores by Jake Walls. Not far behind, alumni score. Carter Rucker of state comes in with a goal with an assist from Connor Boyle. Alumni score two more goals by the end of the quarter. Leaving the final score 13-8.

The alumni game summing up fall ball, State will be back in the spring of 2019 to start off the official season in the SouthEastern conference- Division I.

By Camryn Thorman November 4th, 2018

The NCSU men’s lacrosse team closed out their 2018 fall-ball season with a challenging loss to a very familiar opponent, the Wolfpack Alumni. The tone was set early on for the annual event with Robey (48) representing the class of 75’ taking the opening face-off against the Pack’s Boyle (25).  The seasoned Alums established their game early, with aggressive play and strong communication. The fast-paced first quarter saw the Pack draw first blood with a goal from Walls (26) with Schulz (21) providing the assist. From there the veterans took charge answering that single goal with five of their own including an impressive behind the back shot by Miller (23).

The pace slowed somewhat entering the second quarter. This allowed the Pack to inch back in with two goals. One from Wagner, and then Walls, assisted by Moss. The progress was short lived however as the alumni also scored two goals thanks again to Miller (23) and 30. The Alumni continued to dominate face-offs only allowing the Pack one success on that front. Halftime saw the teams leave the field with the Pack trailing their opponent 3-7.

Quarter three started strong for the Alumni with Robey (48) once again taking the first face-off for his graduated Pack. The current Pack soon stepped up and had their most dominant quarter with three goals from players Wagner (42), Reyer (12), and Schulz (21). The alumni hung in strong, managing to claim two goals thanks to players Simmons (24) and an un-numbered player.

State attempted to capitalize on their momentum from quarter three by improving their performance during face-offs, but it wasn’t enough. The Alumni again dominated scoring establishing four goals to the Pack’s two. The two Pack goals were scored by Walls (26) and Reyer (12). The unnumbered player scored three of the Alumni goals while the other was scored by number 1. Cohesive play among the returning graduates was notable throughout the game. That, coupled with high energy and great verbalization laid out the Pack’s fate in the form of an 8-13 loss.

Moving forward, this year’s Pack will be able to use what they have learned from these returning mentors and incorporate it into a strong spring season. Adjustments and improvements that appeared for the current Pack throughout the game show promise that they can incorporate what history taught them today into winning performances down the road.