NC State Beats Elon on the Pitch

On a sunny Saturday at Lower Method Field, it was evident that the sun was shining down on the Wolfpack. NC State took an early lead with three goals in the first half coming from Sarah Hitt, Callie Creech, and Sydney Zacher. Speed really seemed to be the Wolfpack way today helping both offensively and defensively.


Sarah Hitt was the first to score on the day, set up by a corner kick that led to a shot deflected by Elon and set Sarah up for the wide-open goal.


As NC State was continuing to press on offense hunting to extend the lead, Anna Lassiter Barnes gives a good short lead pass in traffic to Callie Creech who scored the second goal for the Wolfpack. Callie’s shot fortunately rolled over the hand of the diving goalie for Elon.


Quickly after the second goal the Wolfpack Women found the back of the net again when Sydney Zacher had a late goal to end the half. A long shot from Anna Sheridan could not be collected by Elon and was recovered by Zacher for an unstoppable close-range goal.


Thinking the Wolfpack would start to slow down, they surprisingly came into the second half looking to finish the Phoenix off. Callie Creech seemed to be the person to do that with a twenty-five-yard bomb that was lobed over the Elon goalie. At this point the dagger had seemed to be put into this game.


Elon caught fire from this goal which led to Sarah Mouton taking off the lid for Elon, some miscommunication between the NC state defender and the goalie Anna Postin. A mishap goal given up by NC State, not normal for the play from them today.


NC State quickly reacts with a goal of their own from Silvana Salice who just danced through defenders scoring an unassisted goal making the score five to one. This seemed to officially put the game out of reach for the Phoenix which is exactly the Wolfpack Women wanted.


Of course, State did not stop there, Anna Lassiter Barnes securing the final goal starting with a great through pass from Anna Sheridan and Barnes finishing it up by outrunning defenders and scoring the sixth goal for NC State. This just seemed to be dancing on the grave at this point with three minutes remaining.


Wolfpack outplayed the Phoenix on both sides of the ball which led to the 6-1 victory.




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