One-on-One: Emily Hayes of Women’s Lacrosse

Emily’s Background:

            Emily Hayes is on the woman’s club lacrosse team. She is a sophomore at NCSU studying Economics. Emily has previously coached the Carolina Miners’ elementary school girls’ lacrosse travel team. She currently is a Warehouse Operations Intern at Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, while also working at tread HAPPY. She is in an on-campus sorority Kappa Delta, where she was the Vice President of Public Relations in 2018.



  1. Why NCSU?

“NC State was NOT my top choice; it wasn’t even on my radar! I really wanted to go to a school where I could walk into their varsity women’s lacrosse team. However, it made the most sense to go to NCSU, it’s close to home & more affordable than my other options were.”


  1. Is it hard to juggle being student & athlete?

“Not at all, being a club sport, we only practice twice per week and have commitments most weekends. I love making time in my schedule for my sport.”


  1. Best opponent?

“Personally, I love playing High Point. We have always been similar in skill, they have a very talented team and are our top opponents. When we play at their place, it’s a nice turf field, their sideline is always packed, and their coach is passionate so it’s a great atmosphere. Playing them at tournaments is fun too, they roll up in their big university bus, with all of their matching gear, and it’s always a very close game!”


  1. Most memorable moment?

“We play in a tournament at UNC Wilmington every spring, last year we stayed in a massive AirBNB in Wrightsville Beach with an elevator, hot tub, and pool. It was so fun being altogether under one roof, playing card games, laying on the beach, and bonding as a team! We won 3/4 games that weekend, beating App, East Carolina, Coastal Carolina, and falling just short to High Point. This was the first time we’d beat East Carolina in a while, it felt great.”


  1. Favorite drill? Describe.

“Not exactly a drill but once per semester we play lacrosse never have I ever. It’s the same raunchy humor as the game never have I ever but, if you have done the thing that is called, you run out and fight for a groundball. It’s always really funny and just some friendly competition.”


  1. Team jokester?

“Probably Caitlin Casey or Maddi Burcher! They both always have a funny story to tell or just have drama.”


  1. Team Selfie Queen?

“Hanna Gannett. She always makes sure we have cute pictures or boomerangs.”


  1. What do you do in your spare time?

“Run or read! Currently working on To Kill a Mockingbird because I never had to read it in high school. It’s definitely interesting.”


  1. Dream job?

“President of the United States or CEO of Disney World”


  1. Fav animal?

“Any kind of Lab!”


  1. Fav color?

“Pink hehe”


  1. Fav artist?

“Dave Matthews Band or Taylor Swift”


  1. Fav fast food?



Pick between the 2:

  1. Class or practice? – practice!
  2. Summer or winter? – Summer
  3. Talk or text? – talk
  4. Hill or Hunt? – this is a tough one. I think Hunt
  5. Iphone or Android? – iPhone
  6. Music or TV? – TV


Extra Comments:

“I love playing on the club lacrosse team & wish we had more opportunities to showcase our talent at NCSU! We don’t play games on the club fields very often because of the poor condition they’re in – definitely wish NC State could update the practice facility!”


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