A Final Wolfpack Win!

RALEIGH – Tonight, as the Wolfpack says goodbye to the conference season, they took on the Louisville Cardinals at home. This was the Wolfpack’s last conference game of the season. This game was senior night, where all 6 seniors were recognized and thanked for their commitment to the Wolfpack!

The Pack started the night off with possession of the ball and ended the play with an offside call by the referee. The Cardinals were the first to have a shot on goal. But, they were unsuccessful. Later there was a great push down the field and pass by Kia Rankin of the Pack, but the pass was intercepted by the Cardinals and pushed back down the field.

In an attempt to block the ball, Taylor Porter for the Wolfpack gets hit and goes down! Moments later she walked off the field unassisted and was ok.

In an exciting back and forth play Rankin got a shot on goal, it was blocked by the Cardinals goalie and then a second attempt by Paige Griffiths was shot. Both of them were unsuccessful but it was an exciting attempt and valiant effort by the Pack!

It was an unexciting first half overall at the women’s soccer game verses the Louisville Cardinals. The Pack’s goalie, Harley James, successfully kept the Cardinals from scoring any of their four attempts on goal. The score was 0-0 at the end of the first half.

At halftime, “hometown heroes” were recognized. NCSU wanted to say thank you to police officers, firefighters and EMS in the Triangle area who selflessly serve us! Our seniors were also recognized tonight at the last conference game of the season. The seniors included Harley James, Jackie Stengel, Rachel Cox, Cailyn Boch, Karina Lacey, and Dakota Stephens.

To start the second half, the Pack kept the ball near the opponent’s end. With 23 minutes left in the second half, Tziarra King scores for NC State! This was King’s 10th goal of the season. The goal was assisted by Ricci Walkling.

For about 5 minutes of the game, there was consistent back and forth action between the Cardinals and the Wolfpack. Both teams showed excellent offensive moves. With only 10 minutes left in the season, the Cardinals scored to tie the game 1-1. The goal was scored by Rivers and assisted by Vincent. With the game tied, the Wolfpack turned up the heat and answered the Cardinals goal with another goal of their own! The second goal was scored again by King once again. This time the goal was assisted by Frances Henshall. This goal brought gave the Pack the lead at 2-1. As the game heated up with only 8 minutes left, a foul was called to give the Cardinals a goal kick. They pulled a trick play but missed! The Wolfpack goalie sent the ball soaring to the other end and the defense was able to hold the Cardinals back to hold the score at 2-1 until the buzzer!

The Wolfpack ended the night with a 2-1 victory over the Cardinals in their last conference game of the season! The Wolfpack had a total of 7 shots on goal, 6 saves and 2 fouls. The Wolfpack will go on to the ACC tournament. NC State will host the first round of the tournament for the first time in Wolfpack history!