Wolfpack Volleyball Sweeps Syracuse

RALEIGH – Remaining unbeaten in home ACC matches, NC State women’s volleyball sweeps Syracuse leaving the score 3-0. The Wolfpack dominated in the first-set with a 25-11 victory. Battling through the second and third sets, the Wolfpack managed to come out on top with substantial teamwork. With this win, the Wolfpack moves to 16-8 overall and 11-2 in ACC play.

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the 1987 ACC Championship Team, the crowd was nothing but enthusiastic and howling for the Wolfpack. To head coach, Linda Hampton-Keith, that was a really big deal.

“Connecting with the people who’ve come before us and the women who paved the way for our athletes to be able to do what they’re doing is hugely important. Secondly, to honor their success since they’re the only ACC Champions NC State has had in volleyball so I think it’s hugely important to recognize that accomplishment and let our athletes see that and meet those women.”

“What I hope we’ve done is start the process of really bringing in our alumni and sharing; this season is not just for us but it’s for everyone who came before us and to engage them into the process and engage them back; they’re just as much a part of it as our current athletes are so that was really meaningful. It means a lot to me and I’m really excited we got to do something like that.”

The performance of the Wolfpack was nothing but great. Leading the scoreboard, Bree Bailey and Julia Brown tied the match with 16 kills, literally killing it on the court. Following behind Bailey and Brown, Teni Sopitan ended the match with 10 kills and Kaitlyn Kearney with 8.

With a Wolfpack victory like this, there is no telling the potential greatness to come as the season progresses. Who knows, maybe 30 years from now they will be celebrating as an ACC Championship Team too.

The Wolfpack will return to Reynold’s Coliseum on Sunday afternoon at 2pm to take on Boston College.