NC State Welcomes back Alumni in Annual Women’s Rugby alumni game

In their annual alumni Rugby game, the current club Rugby team welcomed back the Alumni with a kickball game. This is an annual event put on by the Women’s club rugby team to bring back former Women’s Rugby players back for a day filled with fun and camaraderie. Held at NC State’s Method fields, where many different club teams play.

The weather was not ideal today for the game, but the players and alumni did not let that put a damper on their mood. In years past there has been a scrimmage of Rugby between the alumni and players, but this year it was a kickball game between the alumni and current players. Even though there was poor weather and the alumni blew out the current players everyone still looked to have fun. The teams current season record sits at 1-0-1, this weekend provided the team with a good opportunity to unwind and have some fun before their next bout at Chapel Hill.

Even though the weather today was not ideal for outdoor activities there was still a large turnout of alumni. It is cool to see so many former players come back to participate in this event and support their school and the current rugby team. Even though many of these alumni never played with some of the current players there was still a sense of family and unity between the two groups.

Both groups seemed to really enjoy their time and the competition. Even though the alumni dominated the current players in their kickball game both groups took advantage of their time with each other and had a good time. With a weekend off from a match we look to see the team well rested, and ready to take on Chapel Hill next weekend.