Winning Weekend for Pack Volleyball

“To earn two-five set matches at home this weekend after being on the road for so long is awesome, it was a good weekend.” Says Coach Linda Hampton-Keith in a post victory interview.

Earlier today your Wolfpack volleyball team defeated the Duke Blue Devils in a 5 game thriller match. The Pack entered the match with a 11-12 record after defeating the Wake Forest Demon Deacons on Friday in another five game victory.

N.C. State gained momentum in the first set and took the game win with a 25-23 victory. Teni Sopitan finished the set off with a hit and defensive out-of-bounds error from the Devil’s front row blockers. Duke’s momentum was shattered as they came off of a five game win streak, and recently struck down the high ranked Pittsburgh.

Although N.C. State lost the second game the Wolfpack defense increased their level of playing. Volley time certainly increased as the fans ‘oood and ahhhd’ during each play. Setter Kylie Pickrell closed an 18-12 gap with multiple assists and her quick spike that left the crowd roaring. Even with this effort, N.C. State could not pull off the game victory. Duke tied the match 1-1 with a 25-17 final score.

Key hitter Melissa Evans opened up the third set with a major kill. The All-Conference sophomore is a major contributor to N.C. State’s 65 overall kills against Duke’s 63. Other key players included Teni Sopitan who has become a more versatile hitter this season, versus last season where she had a steady role in the middle of the net.

N.C. State took the third set 25-21 in hopes to secure the fourth. However, the lady devils came out on top of the fourth set sending the Pack into another five-game nail biter. The final game was a back and forth battle until the Wolfpack came out on top with a 15-13 victory. The 93 digs from N.C. State played a key role in the win as the Wolfpack certainly stepped up their defensive play today. The Wolfpack will hit the road this weekend to take on Notre Dame in a Friday matchup. Tune into ESPN+ to catch the Wolfpack and see if they can secure a winning record.