Nothing was ‘Cavalier’ about the Pack’s Baseball series victory over Virginia

March 31, 2019. On the final day of the series, the #1 NC State baseball team took on Virginia at Doak Field at Dail Park on “Sunday Funday” at 1:00 pm in Raleigh, NC. After one win Friday from the Cavaliers and a win Saturday for the Wolfpack. With the series tied and the Wolfpack at 26-2, this was big ACC game for NC State. They ended the game with an 8-7 win over UVA to take the series and move to 27-2 and are now 10-2 in the ACC and still hold the lead in conference play.

With N.C. State’s own Dave Doeren throwing the first pitch of the game, NC State was able to get a quick 1-0 lead early. As the game progressed, the Pack spent the evening trading scores with Virginia including 4 innings of scoring. With 4 lead changes, the Pack held fast to complete the series with a win. There were several players that shined in the spotlight at the plate. With big hits from junior Will Wilson who had three doubles throughout the day and 2 RBI’s, and the game winner 2-run home run from freshman Tyler McDonough in the bottom of the 7th putting the Wolfpack ahead. Will Wilson set the tone for the day at 3-5 and McDonough finished 2-4 on the day. While these two players showed out, the entire N.C. State lineup played a huge role in this offensive heavy Sunday game.

While the offensive side of the Pack responded well in this game, the field held fast and was able to hold the Cavaliers to 7 runs. Despite a high scoring 7th inning and 2 errors, the Pack’s defense was able to get the job done. The Pack stopped the scoring in the top of the 8th after a wild throw to first base led to the runner making contact with Edwards leaving glove flying into right field. Bailey made up for the loss by gunning the runner down at second on the next play, with a short hop to Vazquez for the tag. With seven pitchers for the day, the Pack finished strong with redshirted freshman Cameron Cotter in the top of the 9th to make sure the Wolfpack did not have to hit in the bottom of the inning and left with a victory.

The Wolfpack is headed on the road to Charlotte, NC to play South Carolina Tuesday night and then up to Boston College for their next ACC Series.

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